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Monday, 24 November 2014

Petauke Councillors Say Lack Of MP hampering Development

Dora Siliya
By Paul Shalala in Petauke

Some Councilors from Petauke District in Eastern Province are not happy that they have no representation in parliament due to a long court case surrounding the eligibility of former Petauke Central MP Dora Siliya to participate in a by-election following the nullification of her election in June 2013.

In an emotional petition to the Legal and Justice Sector Reforms Commission in Petauke, the councilors have called for a new law that will ensure electoral disputes are disposed  off by courts within six months.

Mbala ward councilor Simon Longwe told the commission public sitting at the Petauke Civic Center on Friday that several constituency development fund projects in Petauke are not succeeding because the area has had no Member of Parliament for the past 17 months.

"Am an angry councillor. Why is the judiciary taking too long to pass judgement? In other constituencies they passed judgement, why not Petauke? We can not develop this area because we have no MP here," said Longwe.

And Nyika ward councilor Kelvin Phiri says development in his ward has been affected because there is  no MP to lobby for the construction of roads and other infrastructure.
Legal and Justice Sector Reforms public sitting in Petauke

"People have no water here, people have no roads here, farmers are not being paid. Yes am a councillor but i have limits. We need an MP," said Phiri.

In June 2013, the Supreme Court nullified the election of Ms Siliya as Petauke Central Member of Parliament following allegations of corruption during the 2011 campaigns.

However, the constituency cannot have a new Member of Parliament until the courts of law determine Ms Siliya's eligibility to contest a by-election.

Malambo constituency in Eastern Province and Mulobezi constituency in Western Province are also waiting for the Supreme Court to rule on the eligibility of their previous MPs to contest by-elections.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Over 200 Pupils In Mongu Being Funded By CDF To Attend School

Nathaniel Mubukwanu (left)
 By Paul Shalala in Mongu

Over 200 pupils in Mongu District of Western Province are being funded by the Constituency Development Funds (CDF) to attend school.

CDF is an annual allocation in the National Budget to all the 150 constituencies countrywide which is used to implement developmental projects.

The 200 pupils are specially selected by the Mongu Central Constituency CDF Committee and the criteria is picking pupils whose parents are unable to support them or pupils who are orphans.

"These children we are supporting are those whose parents have failed to take them to school. Our priority is to see these children contribute to this country's development," said Nathaniel Mubukwanu, Mongu Central Member of Parliament.

Mr Mubukwanu, who is also North Western Province Minister, recently commissioned a classroom block at Mukoko Basic School in Mongu which was refurbished at the cost of K30,000 using CDF.

The classroom block will be used for Home Economics and it has been equipped with various chicken utensils.

"Our focus as the PF Government is to rehabilite education infrastructure in Western Province as a way of improving education standards which are considered the lowest in the country. We are not happy with the low pass rate in the province," said Mubukwanu.

And Western Province Education Standards Officer Loveness Mubisi says the refurbishing of the classroom will help in the implementation of the revised school curriculum.

"I call upon other members of parliament to emulate Honourable Mubukwanu and use their CDF to help implement the newly revised education curriculum," said Ms Mubisi.